About Bruce:

Bruce has been doing photography on a serious basis for over thirty-five years. As most avid photographers, he started with film cameras in 35mm and medium format sizes; he initially developed black-and-white and later color films and enlargements in his home darkroom. He began experimenting with digital media in the beginning of the new millennia, having scanned film images for several years, and now employs digital imaging almost exclusively for his work.

Art shows and displays had been initiated many years ago with solid acclaim from his public. 

He has won Awards of Excellence and Awards of Distinction in outdoor art festivals, other first and second place ribbons on several occasions, has been awarded honors in newspaper contests, won a commercial graphics festival contest for a shirt emblem, and has won "Best In Show" in an outdoor art festival. He recently was invited to display some of his work on the leading infrared photography website in the U.S. He has had his images displayed and enjoyed in homes across the state and around the country. 

Bruce and his wife Carolyn have lived in central Florida for many years. They have two grown children and grandchildren. He is also a retired Internal Medicine and Critical Care physician.